Episode 10

010: "There's only a benefit when there's a survivor." Season Finale of The Spouse Benefit Plan with Jen Amos and Scott R. Tucker

010: "There's only a benefit when there's a survivor." Season Finale of The Spouse Benefit Plan with Jen Amos and Scott R. Tucker

Jen Amos returns for the overdue season finale of The Spouse Benefit Plan by US VetWealth podcast!

This show started around two years ago as a spin-off of Holding Down the Fort by US VetWealth podcast to help military spouses make informed decisions about the Survivor Benefit Plan.

Jen discusses how the show came to be and her own journey of learning about the SBP. Now, she invites her husband and Founder of US VetWealth, Scott R. Tucker, to announce their newest resource, Military Retirement Blueprint, and Scott's new book Don't Forget Your War Chest. Scott provides an overview of the free resources available in the Military Retirement Blueprint to help military retirees. Together, they emphasize that their goal is to educate military families about alternative options beyond just the Survivor Benefit Plan.

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The Military Retirement Blueprint is the perfect knowledge library for career retiring military officers who want to make the most of their retirement. This specialized program provides training, guides, consulting, investment-grade insurance strategies, financial & retirement planning, and more. Join for FREE today by visiting: https://usvetwealth.com/war-chest-learning-center-access-the-military-retirement-blueprint/

You served at least 20 years... Have you ever thought about how you can get the most out of your military pension? If you're a military retiree, "Don't Forget Your War Chest" is your guide to a wealthier, more secure retirement. It reveals the War Chest Strategy—a powerful way to optimize your military pension, privatize your income, and safeguard your future earnings. Purchase the book today by visiting: https://usvetwealth.com/dont-forget-your-war-chest-book-page/

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ANNOUNCEMENT: As of summer 2023, The Spouse Benefit Plan by US VetWealth podcast will be on hiatus. For a continuation of the Survivor Benefit Plan discussion, we invite you to join US VetWealth's FREE resource hub, Military Retirement Blueprint, which also includes a FREE digital copy of Scott R. Tucker's latest book, Don't Forget Your War Chest. Join today by visiting https://usvetwealth.com/war-chest-learning-center-access-the-military-retirement-blueprint/


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Jen Amos is a Gold Star daughter, Veteran Spouse, and an advocate for Career Military Families. Amongst the military community, she is most known as the creator and co-host of the award-winning podcast show, Holding Down the Fort by US VetWealth. She works with her husband, Scott R. Tucker, as the Community Relations Director at US VetWealth, which is an award-winning business that specializes in financial services for Career Military Families. Jen currently spearheads US VetWealth's latest initiative, The Spouse Benefit Plan, which helps career military couples make the most important decision before transition: to keep or opt-out of the Survivor Benefit Plan. You can read more about Jen Amos' work in the Spring 2022 Military Entrepreneur Magazine by The Rosie Network (Pg. 16).